Not Just One, These Are Some Bipolar Disorder Types You Might Not Know

Maybe you are familiar or at least have heard of bipolar disorder or bipolar disorder before. Bipolar disorder is included in one of the psychiatric illnesses, which is often characterized by extreme mood changes by the sufferer. For buying the best medicine for this bipolar disorder, you should buy at the Canadian Pharmacy.

But make no mistake, the fact is that there is not only one type of bipolar disorder in the community, you know. So, what are the types?

Get to know the real types of bipolar disorder

Although in general it looks the same, it turns out that people with bipolar disorder can be distinguished by several types as follows:

  1. Bipolar type 1

People with bipolar type 1 usually experience an episode of mania (very happy) which then changes with a depressive episode (very sad). In this case, the change in mood that occurs will be very noticeable when the person is happy and excited, to sudden sadness and major depression.

This condition can make the sufferer take actions that do not think with common sense. Take for example, doing physical or mental violence, injuring yourself or others, etc., sometimes even requiring special care.

Episode mania generally lasts about 1 week, which is accompanied by depressive episodes for 2 weeks.

  1. Bipolar type 2

Slightly different from type 1 bipolar disorder, bipolar type 2 does not experience mania episodes but experiences hypomania episodes so that changes in mood tend to be lighter.

Hypomania episodes are a form of mild mania that does not show too much mood swings experienced by sufferers. But still, after the hypomania episode is finished, it will soon be replaced with a depressive episode.

Symptoms of the hypomania period are actually almost similar to period mania. It’s just that the duration of the hypomania period is generally shorter and the symptoms are not too severe.

  1. Cyclothymia disorder

Cyclothymia is a milder version of bipolar disorder. Even cyclothymic symptoms are almost similar to bipolar disorder, which also contributes to rapid and short-term changes in mood.

But what needs to be underlined, when compared with bipolar disorder types 1 and 2, cyclothymia has an intensity of depression and milder hypomania episodes. You can get more information about the treatment at

  1. Rapid cycle

Rapid cycles are included in one of several types of bipolar disorder, which appears when the person has various mood changes within 12 months.

With a note, a new person can be said to have a rapid cycle type of bipolar disorder if the mood period he experiences lasts for several days.

These mood changes will usually continue to change with erratic intensity. That is, they can be very happy, not too happy, very sad, even normal like there is no problem.