Medical Benefits of Marijuana for Health

At this time marijuana is still often the subject of discussion and testing in the world about its benefits or prohibitions for circulation or use. Its existence is also still considered illegal in several places and is included in illegal drugs, but on the other hand actually plants that also thrive in areas with tropical climate can actually be included in the category of medicinal plants that have positive benefits which turn out to be quite a lot , we usually call it “Medical marijuana“.

Marijuana can be a medicine if treated medically. Many doctors do research and make medical marijuana, such as Medical marijuana Zenabis. For example, doctors who have patients with chronic diseases need a few prescription drugs containing marijuana in their medications, or patients with muscle spasms experience fewer muscle spasms than before after being treated with marijuana, or also patients who have severe intestinal inflammatory disease who have difficulty eating, can start consuming food after getting treatment with marijuana in the medicine.

3 types of marijuana commonly used for medical purposes

Marinol and Cesamet: these are two drugs that are used for patients who experience nausea and the loss of appetite caused by chemotherapy treatment and also for patients with AIDS. Marinol and Cesamet can be said to be another version of THC, THC is a substance that is the main ingredient of marijuana that can give you a feeling of being drunk Both of these drugs are FDA approved as legal drugs and can be used in health matters.

Epidiolex: Epidiolex is a drug commonly used in children who have health problems or epilepsy and has become a legal drug in the health world. Well, even though its use is legal, sales are still supervised by authorized health institutions.

Sativex: A drug currently being clinically tested in several countries and claimed to be a drug that can be used to treat breast cancer. Sativex is a combination of chemicals contained in cannabis plants that are the way to treat it by spraying the mouth. Sativex was approved in more than 20 countries to deal with muscle spasms and cancer.

Health benefits of marijuana

We know that using marijuana (even excessive and maybe using it not for medical purposes) will cause health problems for ourselves, ranging from lack of sperm quality, excessive anxiety, low blood pressure, and others. However, it turns out that marijuana has a positive side or benefit if its use is supervised by doctors or health authorities, examples of the benefits of marijuana for their health can be more, such as:

  1. Prevent Glaucoma
  2. Increasing lung capacity
  3. Prevent seizures due to epilepsy
  4. Turn off some cancer cells

You can find many benefits if you use well and are supervised by professionals.