6 Drawing Applications Every Artist Should Know in 2021

Gone are the days where art could only be created on physical canvasses or on paper. Now that there is the option to digitally create your favorite characters or draw whatever it is you will, a new community has been created for artists, as well as a further reach for how art can be created.

Unlike traditional drawing, using a drawing application is easier to get started with because not a lot of supplies are needed, and this allows you to create almost anywhere without worrying about stains or smell.

Corrections are also easier to make, and this makes the finished piece even more attractive. On Collected.Reviews, you would find feedback about drawing apps, which would serve as a guide for choosing what application would be best suited for the type of art you want to create.

Below are six drawing application every artist should know, and have in 2021:

1.      Adobe Photoshop

Whether starting the use of drawing applications as an amateur or a professional, Adobe Photoshop is one to use, and this is because of the combined simplicity and ease that is using it. A photo editing and manipulation software, it is used to create drawings and paintings in such a way that mimics those created by the hands. This makes it the application to use, because you get to create top notch art without having to get supplies. It is also great for editing videos and designing websites.

2.      Astropad Studio

This is an app that would serve greatly especially if you are primarily about creating digital drawings. A wireless drawing tablet, it has a very impressionable touch interaction, which allows you to create your own gesture shortcuts with the touch-pencil combinations. This creates a good workspace, as the efficiency provided in the studio means you can work faster and more efficiently.

3.      Adobe Illustrator Draw

This app is more focused on drawing than photoshop is. If you are looking to create vector drawings rather than pixelated ones, Adobe Illustrator is what you should go for. It is for these reasons artists prefer this when it comes to logo creation. You can create multiple artboards with this, and it is also helpful for when you need to link other designs, as all the apps on the Adobe Creative Cloud work well together.

4.      Autodesk Sketchbook

An app having the primary purpose of catering to artists who simply want to draw without add ons (like video editing); the autodesk sketchbook is what to go for, as it is simply just that-a sketchbook. It has a very neat and tidy interface, and it is compatible with PCs, Macs, iOS, and Android devices, which makes it accessible to all.

5.      Procreate

Procreate is a drawing application perfect for beginners, as it has a user friendly interface, which makes it easy to get started with. Apart from having access to a wide range of brushes, with Procreate, you can design brushes as you would like. However, it can only be used on iOS devices, as it was designed with the iPad and Apple Pencil in mind, so be sure to have these if you want to explore with Procreate.

6.      Medibang Paint

This is another option for a beginner, because it is free. Despite it being free, it has the type of space a user can have proper fun with, as there are an assortment of brushes and lots of materials available to be chosen from. It also creates a space to save projects on cloud and allows collaboration with other users of the application. This feature is a favorite of users.

Having two or more of the applications listed above is necessary for artists, even those involved primarily in traditional sketches. Having these apps means you can sketch in an idea you get on the run. It should however be known that while the majority of these apps may have their free version, the only way to get the best of all that is offered is by purchasing it.