5 Online Platforms Where You Could Learn and Develop Skills in Arts

Do you know that developing your art skill is easy if you have the right information? Well, now that you know, read along because we are bringing to your notice online platforms where you can develop your art skills.

Why are online platforms reliable? Online platforms are reliable because you can access them at any time and period of the day; you can also get essential information and have freedom of practice and exploration since you don’t have to follow a strict guide or recommendation. Many available online platforms will put you through your artistic journey with ease; reviewsbird.co.uk offers insights and reviews that can help you find an incredibly coordinated online platform. If you’re considering online art courses and tutorials, here is your go-ahead.

Five online platforms you should visit:

1. smART School

Rebecca Guay is the founder of smART School. It is a platform where you, as an artist, can build your figure drawing skills as it gives live classes on figure drawing. It offers courses in small groups, and the lessons are very interactive, plus professionals in the industry also teach them. Also, gallery owners, editors, and researchers have a substantial valuable relationship with the students. It costs about $2500 for a course at smART School.

Visit their social media accounts and their websites for more information concerning them.

2. Drawing and Sketching for Beginners by Robin Slee

For beginners, this is a very efficient art class. Taught on Udemy by Robin, a talented freelance digital artist and digital illustrator, this platform helps you get started in the right course. It shares the most basic of knowledge like how to position your pencil correctly and the likes; you may perceive these as unnecessary, but the truth is that they set the foundation for you as a good artist, if you build yourself on a bad foundation you’ll most likely be a lousy artist. Drawing and sketching for beginners is also affordable; it costs $19.99.

3. Tucson Art Academy Online

Another good platform, Tucson online art academy is a program put together by some talented artists in the industry. It presents video lessons showcasing procedures for various kinds of artworks and designs. You can get a self-study plan for about $395 or an online tutoring plan where you have access to ask questions, for about $595.

4. Ctrl+paint

Ctrl+paint has a free online program which is very impressive compared to other free programs that’s in existence. It uses a compilation of prerecorded video, organised according to levels and stages for tutoring. Premium lessons are also available from $10 upward.

5. New Masters Academy

New Masters Academy is an online app with some of the talented artists in the industry as tutors. Fees include $35 monthly, which will allow you access over 800 videos while the premium account is $44 with a lot of more advantages.

In conclusion, art is a beautiful enterprise and if you’re looking to grow your skills, here is a list of some online platforms you can consider.