4 great traffic sources for your website

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Website visitors or traffic are those who come to visit your website in search of the products or services they want. These traffic can easily convert to your earning. Here are some great sources of traffic for your website.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

High ranks in Google’s search result page for targeted keywords are the best quality of traffic. You can do on-page SEO, build some links from related sites and you will see the traffic of your website increasing. You should create good content because this will add value to your site. You should keep on adding content to your page.

Article marketing


It brings in quality traffic to your website. You need to write short and interesting articles with keywords. You can then link the keywords to article resource box. Add your articles to directories such as Hubpages, Buzzle, Go Articles, etc. This is an excellent way to drive focused traffic to your website.

Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising


This is a very expensive way of driving traffic to your website, but the most effective way as well. Once you have your PPC campaign running, you must you the Google analytics to observe your traffic volume in your website.

Social media marketing


Social media like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter provide a lot of traffic to your website through word of mouth. You can get your website’s pages bookmarked in some of these social sites to drive in more traffic.

These are very effective ways of driving traffic to your website. You can use any or all of these techniques to increase your website traffic.